MICRO should be intended as the title of this session, not its quality rating. We hope you'll agree with us...

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Rochacrimson said...

Superb sound!
Great great!

We're Late For Class said...

Fantastic. Maybe your best so far. Dig the post-In A Silent Way feel. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I like the flowing soundscapes dominated by the treated electric piano. Reminds me a lot of Jasper van´t Hof and Dave McCrae in his time with Nucleus and Matching Mole.

Well done!

Cheers, Manfred

E-mile said...

Congrats! you did it again :-)
almost a shame the album isn't in 1 long take, the songs flow really nice into each other. Great 35 minutes! Kilo!
peace, E-mile

mike-floyd said...

Hi guys!
I agree:Probably your best, most atmospheric work up til now!

Thanks for ALL your great music!

All the best

We're Late For Class said...

Hey guys,
Hope all is well in your world. Just wanted to give you a new link for our release "A Collection." With MassMirror and ShareOnAll going out of business, we are now on MegaUpload. Here's a link for your sidebar post of "A Collection." As always, thanks for all the support. We really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, found you via a post from Willard at NGOOTB. Very nice trip.
Many thanks for the music